Who is an LEI Registration Agent?

An LEI Registration Agent’s role is to help legal entities seeking an LEI code. GLEIF introduced the concept of Registration Agents to streamline the registration of LEIs further. A Registration Agent’s success is solely determined by their ability to offer competitive prices and by simplifying their clients’ LEI registration or renewal process.

Global Legal Entity System (GLEIS)

In response to the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, the Group of Twenty (G20) called on the Financial Stability Board (FSB) to provide recommendations for a global Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) and a supporting governance structure. This gave rise to the development of the Global LEI System, which, through the issuance of LEIs, now provides unique identification of legal entities participating in global financial transactions.

Global Legal Entity Foundation (GLEIF)

From there, a not-for-profit organisation the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) was created to support the implementation and use of the LEI. GLEIF services are in charge of establishing operational integrity within the Global LEI System.

Local Operating Unit (LOU)

LEIs are issued by authorised organisations called Local Operating Units (LOUs). You’ll find a list of LEI issuing organisations on the GLEIF website.

Registration Agent

To further streamline the issuance of LEIs, GLEIF introduced the concept of the Registration Agent. Their role is to help legal entities like you looking to obtain an LEI code. Registration Agents success is determined by the efficiency of their systems and by how well they can simplify and accommodate their clients’ LEI registration or renewal process.

LEI issuing organisations’ Registration Agents are listed under each LEI issuing organisation’s basic information on the GLEIF website.

LEI Pricing Structure

The fees charged for issuing and maintaining an LEI are entirely a matter of the LOU or Registration Agent. The Global LEI System (GLEIS) has been set up so that the LEI cost can differ among various service providers. This is done to encourage healthy competition and benefit the end customer. Since the number needs to be updated yearly – the costs will start to add up. For this reason, we encourage you to pay close attention to the price and take it as the primary factor when registering an LEI code.

What you often don’t hear about LEIs is that the LEI prices are determined by the organisation’s charging structure and have nothing to do with the value of the LEI code itself. The code is simply a tool that enables you to identify active legal entities in the financial market easily.

To keep the GLEIF running, they surcharge 11 USD per LEI application for one year. The following organisation to add to the price is an LEI issuer, otherwise known as an LOU. Last in line is a Registration Agent, whose prices are often determined by the cost of the LEI they receive from their LOU.

How are LEI Register’s prices so cost-efficient?

LEI Register is an official Registration Agent – we have been helping legal entities apply for new LEI codes or transfer and renew existing LEI codes since early 2018. We have successfully pursued our goal of making the LEI registration process simple, automated, fast, and affordable. At LEI Register, we keep our profit margins low and believe in building long-term business relationships.

LEI Register has built a loyal customer base by offering the lowest prices on the market while keeping customer support active seven days a week in a local language in 35 countries.  

LEI Register is an official Registration Agent of GLEIF-accredited LOU Ubisecure Oy (RapidLEI).

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